ASHBD is a fandom movement in it's third year. It is committed to raising money for charity and making a video from fans to celebrate Anthony Heads birthday.
This year we are supporting Safe Haven For Donkeys In The Holy Land. A project Anthony Head is a patron of. If you want to find out more or donate check out the links above.
If you are submitting remember that video messages have to be under 45 seconds and written messages need to be under 50 words. Email them to me at

13th August 2014

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This year I’ve been struggling to balance this project with my school work and the problems I face in my own, personal life. For that reason I feel that I am neither physically or mentally able to run the ASHBD project to the standard I wish it to run at this year and, with great sorrow, I have to inform you that there will not be an ASHBD2015 video, I will not be taking messages of any kind.
However, because I believe that this years charity, Safe Haven For Donkeys In The Holy Land deserves this projects patronage, it will be the charity for ASHBD2016 and all money raised already this year will be rolled over and added to next years total.
Again, I feel absolutely awful about this but this years exams are extremely important and will decide if I can go to university, add to that a severe deterioration in my mental and physical health and I am just not able to put in the work necessary to run the ASHBD Project to the high standards I, you and Tony expect.
See you guys next year.
Again, I’m so sorry.

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7th May 2014

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Thank you to C.N for donating £20 ($33.97) and raising our total to £120 ($203.83)

If you want to donate you can here:

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8th April 2014


We have raised £100 already for ASHBD2015.

I’m so very proud of you all.

If you want to donate visit our JustGiving page.

18th March 2014

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I just got an adorable email from the lady who runs Safe Haven For Donkeys thanking me for choosing them for this years ASHBD project and I am determined to smash last years record total because that is so nice of her and I’m feeling a little touched to be honest. It’s just so nice.

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16th March 2014

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This years charity is Safe Haven For Donkeys In The Holy Land.

We all know how much Anthony Head loves his donkeys and he is a patron of this great charity which ensures Donkeys in Israel and Palestine get free treatment and are safe from the sadly all too common neglect that occurs in that area of the world.

Check out their site to find out more and then if you want to you can donate to our JustGiving as a present for Anthony Heads birthday next February. If you want to donate but you can’t afford to now, don’t panic, this project runs all year.

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16th March 2014

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The charity for ASHBD2015 has been chosen (by Sarah Fisher, Tony’s partner) I’m just setting up logistics and stuff and there will be a big reveal later today.

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2nd March 2014

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I have news!

To avoid the email catastrophe of 2014 there is now a dedicated ASHBD email address and hopefully all of the failings of last year caused by both me and my emails spam filter will be avoided.

I give you:

I’ll be picking a charity for ASHBD2015 soon.

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28th February 2014

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More news from Tony !
*nudge nudge dracofidus*

Congrats to us! *starts to collect parts of my melted brain to put together ASHBD2015*


More news from Tony !

*nudge nudge dracofidus*

Congrats to us! *starts to collect parts of my melted brain to put together ASHBD2015*

20th February 2014

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He’s seen it!

He’s seen it!

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20th February 2014

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To everyone who’s messages may have been missed out,

I am truly, from the bottom of my heart, sorry. And if I could, I would fix this, but I cannot.

If you didn’t get a message from me saying I got your message, then it ended up in my spam filter, which I will be reconfiguring before next years project.

If you got a message from me saying I got it but it still wasn’t there then I have made a terrible mistake. I am sorry, really, really sorry, and I feel like shit that I missed you out, but like I said above, there is nothing I can do now. Next year I will work doubly hard to ensure no-ones messages are missing, but this year is done now. I hope that it isn’t spoiled by this in any way, and I hope you take part again next year, when hopefully all of the glitches in the system have been fixed.

I know it is no excuse, but I would like to remind you that I run this single handedly as a hobby, for you guys, and I have a lot of things to do at the moment, between revising for my Exams and caring for my disabled mother, so please, forgive me, accept that I cannot do anything for this year to fix what I have done, but that I will do my absolute best to ensure this never happens again.