ASHBD is a fandom movement in it's third year. It is committed to raising money for charity and making a video from fans to celebrate Anthony Heads birthday.
This year we are supporting Safe Haven For Donkeys In The Holy Land. A project Anthony Head is a patron of. If you want to find out more or donate check out the links above.
If you are submitting remember that video messages have to be under 45 seconds and written messages need to be under 50 words. Email them to me at

20th February 2013

Video with 62 notes

And the video is live!

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    You may remember me talking about ASHBD2013 here, well, this is the culmination of the begging.
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    I feel immensely proud to have had a hand in this, even though it was just one message.
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    I second that yay! :)
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    Draco did a thing! We did a thing! Yay for us!
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    Hope Tony has a wonderful day and fantastic job on the vid
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    Happy birthday anthony head / Giles!!!
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    A video in honour of Tony Head’s birthday
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    This is so great…
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    The video is brilliant!! You’ve done such an awesome job, Draco! Thanks for the idea and all the work and headache...